More app. Less risk.

Access the full breadth and depth of my experience as a CTO, on a fractional basis that suits your company’s size and stage. Don’t let the technical side of things hold you back. Contact me today to find out how I can help you achieve your goals.

More speed. Fewer mistakes.

As an entrepreneur or startup founder, finding and partnering with a technical co-founder is risky. You’ll have to part with equity, and it takes time. On the other hand, it’s too early and expensive to hire a full-time CTO, especially one with plenty of prior experience. That’s where I come in.

Sleep at night

I'll help you find a reliable app development agency, negotiate the contract to protect your interests, clearly communicate your requirements, guide the agency's decisions and monitor their progress to ensure success.Let me handle the technical details so you don't have to.

Focus on your business

Are you ready to bring your externally developed app in-house?Maintain your razor-sharp focus on the business side of things, while I recruit the right people, and set up your engineering team and culture with a solid backbone of standards and procedures.

I am the CTO you never had

Do you occasionally find yourself needing sound advice from an experienced CTO?The CTO's job is to leverage technology to support your business goals. You need someone who is experienced in both business and technology.

Fractional = Exponential

I'm fractionally yours, but your business can benefit exponentially. I give you access to the right advice at the right time.

Who am I?

I am Itzy Sabo.Software development is both science and art; my speciality is turning the process into a well-oiled machine.I build software development organisations and navigate them to successful delivery, while providing expert and pragmatic guidance in developing appropriate technology in a structured and methodical manner.

Itzy Sabo

Management & Delivery

I am an experienced leader and manager of technology organisations.I have built high performing engineering departments of various sizes, up to 120 people.I keep up to date with the latest software management methodologies, but my approach is pragmatic.

Architecture & Scaling

In business, and in technology, you have to build the right things. But in order to scale, they have to be built in the right way, too.I know how to build systems that scale. I led efforts to build a B2B2C SaaS stocks and CFD trading platform and scaled it to handle an annual trading volume of over $180 billion.I also led a major "repair job" on a custom-built marketing automation system, and scaled it to handle more than 9 million monthly unique visitors.


I have been setting up and managing offshore engineering teams for over 6 years, and have been able to get excellent results.I know how to navigate both the cultural issues, and those arising from remote development..

Product & Business Oriented

I am not purely a technologist. As a technology executive, I am experienced in bridging the worlds of business and technology.In addition, I have solid experience in product management. I am therefore able to assist with initial discovery of product requirements.In addition, I am familiar with developing and operating software in highly regulated industries, and have experience preparing for audits and passing them.

Get in touch with me

Drop me a message outlining your current needs and expectations, and I will get back to you to set up a free introductory video call.

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